Sheri Marlin, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW

My calling in life is to empower people, both adults and children. I love to see how lives can be changed, for the better, when decisions are made to seek solutions and take action.   I believe in the power of  talking through  problems and working together as a team. I do not judge or criticize; rather I offer support and guidance to discover core strengths and values, and apply those to create change. 

Faith based means:

I believe in God and Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. I offer Biblical counsel and prayer, alongside traditional counseling, with those people seeking this type of counseling. I also offer counsel to people who prefer to seek help without this faith base. I do not push my belief system because I respect the right of each person to choose. 

My education and Background

I have a BA in Psychology and a Master in Social Work. I have been a mental health therapist since 2013.  I have worked for over 35 years with children, adults, and families which has given me an abundance of various experiences increasing my understanding of mental health and mental illness.    I am a contracted behavioral consultant for Lone Survivor Foundation retreats and I have a strong desire to  help our military veterans. 

Additional services

As a counselor and licensed clinical social worker I offer Accelerated Resolution Therapy, 

  In addition I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Problem Solving Therapy, and other evidence based therapies while counseling in the office.  

I also offer Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning using horses in non-riding activities. 

I have a 12 week program which includes riding, specifically to help youth overcome post traumatic stress from trauma. 

I have an equine assisted military veteran's program and am currently seeking funds to help all veterans desiring to participate, be able to participate, regardless of their financial situation.  

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Fee for services

At this time I do not file your insurance; however because I am licensed, per your request, I can provide you with an invoice you can submit to your insurance, with a reimbursement request. 

 Sponsorship or sliding scale fee: Please let us know if you cannot afford the fees.  


Counseling in the office:

One hour session: 124.00

Equine services:

One equine assisted psychotherapy session, includes both individual and family: $150.00

One Equine assisted learning group session: per  individual $50, per couple $75 (These are usually offered in a series of sessions, rather than one session- see events page for the current groups being offered.) 

Riding Free program (12 sessions) for youth with ptsd: $900, Requires commitment to take entire program, can be paid in three payments over the 12 weeks. 

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